Why would someone be nice all of a sudden


You can't make someone like you by being nice to them. This type of behaviour might please them but it can't make them like you if they're not inclined to do so. The other thing about being nice in order to liked is that you're trying extra hard to gain someone's approval. This means that you're not being completely genuine. Web.

All of a sudden is an idiom that is a more poetic way of saying “suddenly.” A common mistake to make, especially for English learners, is to write all the sudden or all of the sudden. On a sudden is a historic but outmoded variant. Currently, all of a sudden is the only accepted usage. Is it “all of a sudden” or “all of the sudden”?.




Its always been a bit strained between us i used to email him and text him but he stopped replying and we had a few little disagreements over it... Well its been a few months and hes being extremely nice to me and im highly suspcious since before for months he couldnt be bothered... whats he after! 1. 1. Web.

This is what I've noticed. People seem to like me then they act weird. At work today the people were kind they were helping me pour out stuff, asking.

Part of the reason that narcissists may be treating other people so nicely is often a product of the fact that they have just known you longer. They feel they know what they need to know about you, and therefore, they don't have to bother turning on the charm with you.